How Expensive Is it to Replace a Side Mirror on Your Vehicle?

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Side View Mirror on Car

Suppose you have experienced the unexpected crunch of your vehicle’s side mirror breaking against a mailbox, the garage door, or any other reason. In that case, you know the worst feeling even after. That time, the first thing that immediately comes to your mind is, “How much the side mirror replacement cost is?”.

 How much does it cost to fix your side mirror? That’s what this guide is all about.

Factors Influencing Side Mirror Replacement Cost

Side mirror Replacement cost for your vehicle sometimes costs a different amount because the Model isn’t the same. Many things affect this, and knowing what they are can help determine your cost. Let’s look more closely at these things:

Type of side mirror

Side mirrors come in various styles, such as manual, power-adjustable, heated, auto-dimming, and so on. The price will depend on the type you have. Most of the time, more functions mean a higher cost to replace.

1. Manual Side Mirrors: 

These are the most basic and classic types of mirrors. If you need to change them, move them with your hands while inside the car.


Very easy to use.

There are no computer parts.

Take a look:

It easily adjusts by hand.

2. Power-Adjustable Side Mirrors: 

Power-adjustable mirrors can be automatically controlled inside the car with a button or switch.

What it has:

With the push of a button, changes are made.

Usually, it has choices for more than one driver’s memory.

Take a look:

It’s easy and quick to make changes.

3. Heated Side Mirrors: 

heated side mirrors have a heating element to keep them clear in cold weather and stop fogging and ice buildup.

What it has:

It gets warmer to get rid of frost and fog.

It helps people see better in the winter.

Take a look:

Perfect for places where it gets cold

Make and Model of the vehicle

What kind of car you have? Side mirrors come in a variety of styles and types. Some high-end and high-tech cars have more complicated mirror systems, which can raise the cost of replacing them. Important factors that affect the total cost are the make and type of your car.

Labor charges

The work that needs to be done affects the side mirror replacement cost. Labor costs might be cheaper if the Replacement is simple and the mirror is easy to get to. The labor charges can increase if taking apart parts of the car takes more time and work.

Installation Method

There are several ways to install side mirrors. Bolt-on mirrors are safe to install because they are held on with bolts and nuts.

Snap-on mirrors are easy to install because they clip into place. Strong glue is used for an airtight fit during adhesive installation.

Screw-in mirrors are held in place with screws for a solid fit, while clip-on mirrors fit over existing mirrors.

 Plug-and-play mirrors make it easier to connect electronics, which is great for doing things like heating and adjusting the power.

What tools do you need to replace your side mirror?

Replacing your side mirror, you need to have the right tools. Here is a short list of things that you might need:

 screwdriver: A screwdriver is required to take out the screws that are keeping the mirror in place.

wrench: If your mirror is held in place with nuts, you’ll need a wrench to fix and loosen them.

Trim Removal Tool: This tool can be used to gently pry off any trim or panel that is covering the mirror assembly.

Adhesive Remover (if needed): If your mirror is stuck on with glue, it can help you remove it without hurting the paint.

New Mirror: Make sure you have the right new mirror for your car’s make and Model.

Safety Gear: Gloves and safety glasses to keep your hands and eyes safe while you repair.

Owner’s Manual: Look at your car’s manual for specific directions to your Model.

Remember that getting professional help is a good idea if you need help with what to do or feel nervous. 

Side Mirror Replacement

Side mirror repair means replacing a broken or damaged side mirror with a new one. It is a regular maintenance task to improve visibility and make driving safer. In side mirror replacement, there are two different words: side mirror and Replacement.

Side mirror: A side mirror is an outside mirror that is attached to the side of a vehicle. It is also called a wing mirror or door mirror. It helps drivers change lanes safely, park, and be more aware of their surroundings by letting them see what’s behind and to the sides of the car.

Replacement: Replacement means getting a new one instead of one damaged, broken, or not working right. For the substitution, the old mirror may need to be removed, any electrical lines may need to be disconnected, and a new mirror may need to be placed. Changing the side mirrors is a regular part of car maintenance that ensures you can see and stay safe while driving.

In the end, side mirror replacement is an essential part of maintenance. While doing this work, make sure of safety issues.

How to remove a side mirror?

Easy Steps to Remove a Side Mirror:

Gather Tools: Get a screwdriver, a wrench, and maybe a tool to remove the trim.

Take Off the Old Mirror: Carefully take the old mirror off the door by unscrewing or unclipping it.

Disconnect wirings: If your mirrors have power, carefully unplug any wires.

Install the New Mirror: Use screws or clips to attach the new mirror.

Hook up the wires ( if needed): If the mirror is powered, hook up the wiring.

Try it Out: Start your car and check how the new mirror adjusts. 

Always look in your car’s manual for specific directions; if you need to, get help from a professional. 

Rear Side Of Side View Mirror

Inspect the side-view mirror assembly

Quick and Easy Steps to Check the Side Mirror Assembly

Visual inspection: Look at the mirror to see if they are cracked, scratched, or otherwise damaged.

Test of Adjustment: Remove the mirror carefully in all directions.

Condition of Mirror Glass: Ensure the glass is clean, clear, and not distorted.

Power Functions (if any): Check the ability to change the power, heat, and electrical features.

Secure Mounting: Gently wiggle the mirror to make sure it’s attached to the car firmly.

Checking your side mirrors regularly will help keep them in good shape and improve your sight and safety on the road.

Remove the door trim panel

The steps to take off a door trim panel are:

Find the screws and other fasteners: The door handle, the seat, and the edges are all familiar places to find the screws and other fixings that hold the trim panel in place.

Use the Right Tools: For careful removal of screws and bolts, use a screwdriver or a trim removal tool.

Pry Off the Panel: Use a trim removal tool or your hands to pull off the trim piece carefully. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

If necessary, disconnect the electrical connections: If your car has power features like windows or mirrors, carefully separate any connected wires.

Take off and lift: To take the top panel off the door, lift it.

Be careful at all times during this process to keep damage from happening.

Side Mirror Remove

Disconnect the electrical cable

Three quick and easy steps to disconnect the electrical cable

Look for the cable: Find the electrical cable linked to the part; it is usually close to the base.

Let go of the clip slowly: If there is a clip or latch, use your fingers or a small tool to open it gently.

Take care to pull apart: Carefully pull the wires apart once the clip is off. Keep the pressure even and steady.

Do not use force: Do not try to pull the connections apart. If they don’t move, look again for extra clips or locks.

Keep Loose Cable Safe: After disconnecting, make sure the loose wire doesn’t mess up other parts.

Always be careful when working with electrical connections, and check your car’s manual for specific directions.

How to install a side mirror?

To install a side mirror:

1. Get your screwdriver and wrench together.

2. If you need to, take off the door frame.

3. Connect the power cables for the mirrors.

4. Put the new mirror in place securely.

5. Before driving, test the changes.

Side mirror replacement

Put it back together

To put a side mirror back together after Replacement:

1. Put the mirror in the right place on its stand.

2. Attach it safely with clips or screws.

3. If necessary, connect any electrical wires again.

4. Strongly fix the door frame.

5. Make sure that all the parts attach properly.

6. Check that the settings for the mirror work.

A side-view mirror Replacement cost

Side mirror replacement cost is the total amount of money that is spent on replacing a damaged or broken-down side mirror on a vehicle. The expense includes the price of the new mirror and any extra costs for work, tools, or professional help needed to install it.

Several things affect how much it costs to replace a side mirror, such as the type of mirror and the make and Model of the car. Here is a list of the different kinds of side mirror replacements and how much they might cost:

Replace only the glass:

Only the glass replacement may cost $20 to $100.

Whole Mirror Assembly:

The Replacement of the whole mirror, including the frame, electronics, and features.

Price range: $100 to $400 or more.

Costs of labor:

The price range of levor is $50 to $100 an hour.

Side mirror parts

Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional:

A do-it-yourself method might save you money on labor costs, but a professional repair service will make sure the job is appropriate.

Cost Range: 

Do-it-yourself costs vary, but skilled rates are usually between $50 and $100 an hour.

Used Items:

Considering buying used mirrors from junk yards, the cost can be more affordable.

Insurance coverage:

An insurance policy may help pay for the cost of replacing the item. The coverage varies; talk to your insurance company about it.

Manual Side Mirror Replacement: $50-$200

Changing a manual side mirror will cost between $50 and $200. This amount includes how much it costs to buy a new mirror and any labor costs that come with it.

Heated Mirror Replacement: $150-$500

Getting a new warming mirror costs between $150 and $500. This price considers the cost of the new heated mirror and any possible labor fees.

Mirror with turn signal Replacement: $100-$400

It usually costs between $100 and $400 to get a new side mirror with a turn signal light. This price includes the cost of the new mirror and any possible labor fees.

Mirror with built-in camera Replacement: $100-$400

Replacing a side mirror with a built-in camera costs between $100 and $400. This estimate includes the expense of the replacement mirror with the integrated camera and any potential labor charges.

Mainly, the exact cost within this range for all types of Replacement will rely on things like the brand of the replacement mirror, the make and Model of the car, and whether the car’s owner does the Replacement or a professional mechanic.

Insurance claims for side-view mirrors

Side-view mirrors insurance claims a simple process to file. Here is a simple guide

Take clear shots of the broken side view mirror to record the damage.

Contact your insurer: You should call your insurance company to inform them about the damage and start the claim process.

Share Information: Talk about what happened, such as when and where.

Get a price for Repairs: Get a price for replacing the mirror from a repair shop you can trust.

Protecting your side-view mirror

  •     Avoid close parkin
  •     Fold in your mirrors
  •    Avoid Parking on the street
  •    Take care when backing out
  •    Be careful in tight spaces
  •    Avoid control abuse

Should you do the job yourself?

Whether you do the job yourself depends on how handy you are with fixing tiny problems in your vehicle. Side mirror replacement is quite an easy job for those used to solving minor issues. For bigger jobs, like fixing an engine or an electrical problem, getting help from a professional is better to avoid problems. Before you decide, you should always think about how skilled you are and how hard the job is.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the cost of replacing a side mirror on your vehicle depends on the type of mirror, make and Model, and the level of damage. Manual replacements can range from $50 to $200, and Heated mirror replacement may increase the cost to $150-$500. You can do it by yourself if you are experienced. Whether changing a side mirror or fixing your car in some other way, consider how comfortable and skilled you are. But more complicated problems must be repaired by a professional to ensure they are safe and done right. Always be safe and follow proper guidelines while doing side mirror replacements.

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