Choose Yours One – Kirkland Synthetic Oil Or Mobil 1?

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is kirkland synthetic oil as good as mobil 1

If you are looking for synthetic oil for your vehicle, you may have heard about Mobil 1 and Kirkland oil. No doubt, both synthetic oils perform brilliantly to stop wear and tear of the engine parts, are good in low temperatures, and have excellent mileage. Also, both synthetic oil has outstanding reputation.

So, which one you should choose? Is Kirkland synthetic oil as good as Mobil 1? Are these oils interchangeable?

Kirkland is slightly less expensive than Mobil 1 and performs well in extreme conditions. On the other hand, Mobil 1 outperforms Kirkland in low temperatures and provides better mileage with 5 years of engine protection.

So, let’s take this discussion deep to discover both oil types’ advantages, disadvantages, and features. As you continue reading, you will know which oil to use for your vehicle.

What Is Kirkland Engine Oil?

Kirkland engine oil is a high-quality synthetic motor oil with excellent effectiveness in increasing engine efficiency. It is also known for preventing thermal breakdown and reducing wear and tear on engine components. And with 7500 miles of average mileage, it’s pretty lucrative.

Also, with proper certification as a full-synthetic oil, Kirkland is safe to use. You never have to worry about its compatibility and performance.

Features of Kirkland Engine Oil:

  • It extended the lifespan of the engine with excellent protection against motor corrosion.
  • It offers better performance and protection in both low and high temperatures. So, it is suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.
  • It is compatible with various vehicles with the approval of GM propellant engines that need dexos1.
  • The oil maintains optimal engine performance with thermic breakdown control.
  • It minimizes the need for costly engine repairs and replacements with minimal maintenance.


  • It prevents low-speed pre-ignition for better wear and tear protection.
  • The oil controls grinding to a lower level than the API SP specification
  • Protect both high and low-temperature
  • Cheaper than most engine oils in the market, including Mobil 1


  • Its origin is unknown.
  • Available only in Costco shops

What Is Mobil 1 Engine Oil?

Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic engine that ExxonMobil introduced in 1974 as a high-performance alternative to conventional motor oils. Since then, Mobil 1 has become known for its superior performance and advanced formulation. It is one of the most popular and widely used engine oils on the market today.

Unlike conventional motor oils, Mobil 1 offers higher performance and protection. Mobil 1’s advanced formulation contains a proprietary blend of additives. So, it reduces engine wear and improves fuel efficiency. Hence, it provides better overall engine protection.

Features of Mobil 1 Engine Oil:

  • Mobil 1 is a fully synthetic base oil with superior performance to conventional motor oils.
  • The high viscosity index of Mobil 1 means it maintains its performance across a wide range of temperatures. So, it is suitable for use in extreme conditions, especially in low-temperature.
  • Mobil 1 formula provides excellent wear protection. It is even compatible with high-stress and high-temperature conditions.
  • The advanced formulation improves fuel economy by reducing engine friction and increasing engine efficiency.


  • Mobil 1 offers superior performance to conventional motor oil to keep the engine running smoothly.
  • Mobil 1 is widely available at auto parts stores and online retailers. Hence, it is easy to find and purchase.
  • Its advanced formulation improves fuel economy, saving you money on gas over time.
  • The engine oil plays a role in cleaning and maintaining your engine parts.


  • Mobil 1 is generally more expensive than conventional motor oils. So, it may be a barrier to some consumers.
  • Mobil 1 is compatible with most modern engines, but it’s not suitable for particularly older models.

Is Kirkland Synthetic Oil As Good As Mobil 1?: An In-Depth Discussion

Now you will know the basic features, advantages, and disadvantages of Mobil 1 and Kirkland oils in the following few steps; you can make a comparison to find which one is better for you. Of course, both engine oil has a brilliant reputation in the market, but they have distinctive features that make them better suitable for certain conditions. So, you also should consider your riding preference and conditions for putting engine oil in the diesel fuel tank.

Origin and brand reputation

Mobil 1 comes from ExxonMobil, one of the most reputable engine oil and lubricant manufacturers worldwide. Also, Mobil 1 has been one of the best engine oils for vehicles since 1974. However, the origin of Kirkland engine oil is unknown. It can be a deciding factor in Kirkland for those looking for a reputable brand.

The good thing is Kirkland engine oil enjoys backup from Costco, a leading wholesaler in the US market. So, you can also trust its performance.

Performance in low and high-temperature:

Kirkland has been formulated to provide excellent performance in high and low temperatures. If you often drive your vehicle in harsh conditions, Kirkland engine oil will offer superior engine performance and protection.

On the other side, Mobil 1 is one of the top engine oils at low temperatures. It has standard high-temperature performance, but the engine oil excels rapidly in colder conditions. If you live in cold regions with many days under sub-zero temperatures, Mobil 1 will be a lifesaver for the car. Also, you can rely on its performance in harsher days.


For most car and SUV owners, the availability of engine oil is a serious concern. They love using the oil that they can get from nearby stores. Regarding this, Mobil 1 outperforms Kirkland as the previous one is available in every automobile store.

Conversely, Kirkland is only available in Costco shops. So, finding it can be difficult sometimes. If you live in remote areas, this unavailability issue should be concerning.

Expected mileage:

As a car owner, you would like to use engine oil that lasts as long as possible. So, most car owners look for engine oil with higher mileage. Mobil 1, with more than 10000 miles of expected mileage, is a clear winner in this category.

While Kirkland engine oil has only 7500 miles of longevity, Mobil 1 can easily last for 10000-15000 miles. It, thus, ensures a longer lifespan and extended protection of the engine parts. Also, longer mileage means you must spend less on engine oil replacement. It saves you from replacing the engine oil too frequently as well.

Engine protection:

When choosing engine oil, one of the primary considerations is its protection facility for the engine against wear and tear. So, where do Kirkland and Mobil 1 engine oil stand in this category? At first glance, Mobil 1 seems to be in a winning position thanks to its 5-years of engine protection assurance which is the highest in the market.

But Kirkland doesn’t stay far behind either. Although its engine protection period isn’t marked on the product label, users have found it adequate for 4 to 5 years. Both Mobil 1 and Kirkland engine oil has been formulated from fully synthetic oil.

Also, with their almost identical additives, both engine oils ensure that your car engine enjoys maximum protection from wear and tear. However, with clear 5-year protection, Mobil 1 is slightly ahead.


Mobil 1 is one of the most expensive engine oils out there. Conversely, Kirkland is pretty pocket-friendly. So, people with tight budgets will find Kirkland engine oil a better choice. However, Mobil 1, with its higher engine protection, longer mileage, and low-temperature performance, is a good choice in the long run. It saves you from unnecessary maintenance costs.

FeaturesMobil 1 Synthetic OilKirkland Synthetic Oil
Origin and Brand ReputationComes from ExxonMobil, a reputable engine oil and lubricant manufacturerBacked by Costco but unknown origin
Performance in Low and High TemperatureExcels in low temperature, standard in high temperatureProvides excellent performance in both low and high temperatures
AvailabilityAvailable in every automobile storeOnly available in Costco shops
Expected Mileage10000-15000 miles7500 miles
Engine ProtectionOffers 5 years of engine protection assuranceAdequate protection for 4 to 5 years


Mobil 1 full-synthetic oil has the edge over Kirkland regarding brand reputation, low-temperature performance, and availability. It also has better-expected mileage and engine protection. You can rely on its reputation since it has been in the market for almost 50 years.

On the other end, Kirkland is a good choice for those looking for a pocket-friendly option. Of course, it offers excellent performance in both low and high temperatures. Choosing between Mobil 1 and Kirkland engine oil will ultimately depend on your driving preference, in which conditions you drive more, and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is Kirkland synthetic oil as good as Mobil 1? A: While both Kirkland synthetic oil and Mobil 1 are high-quality synthetic oils, there are some factors to consider before determining their relative performance.

Q: What are the key differences between Kirkland synthetic oil and Mobil 1? A: Kirkland synthetic oil and Mobil 1 may have variations in their base oil composition, additive packages, and manufacturing processes, which can impact their overall performance.

Q: Does Kirkland synthetic oil meet the same industry standards as Mobil 1? A: Kirkland synthetic oil is typically formulated to meet industry standards, but it’s essential to check the product specifications or consult the manufacturer to ensure it meets the specific requirements you desire.

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