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How to Fix Loose Side View Mirror Ball Joint – A Comprehensive Guide

Fix loose side view mirror
How to Fix Loose Side View Mirror Ball Joint

Side-view mirrors are essential to ensure a safe riding experience for vehicle owners. The side view mirror gives drivers a clear view of their surroundings to drive safely. Over time, the ball joint of the side view mirror can become loose.

The loose ball joint will cause vibration, misalignment, or even mirror detachment. It reduces your visibility and riding safety. So, you must quickly fix it. However, most people don’t know how to fix a loose side-view mirror ball joint.

You have to tighten the ball joint screw to fix it. Also, you may need to reassemble the side view mirror housing and may even require replacing the ball joint entirely. Thus, you need a complete idea about the side view mirror components to maintain and fix it.

Parts of a Side View Mirror:

When you work with a loose side-view mirror ball joint, it can be tricky. You must know the connecting parts to work with each component safely. It has many parts, from the ball joint to the screw right under the mirror. 

Ball Joint Connection:

The ball joint connection typically consists of two things inside the mirror housing. It includes:

  • A ball-shaped stud: A ball-shaped stud is attached to the back of the mirror housing. It will secure the attachment further. 
  • A socket or cup: The cup connects with the car’s body to ensure a secure connection for the entire mirror housing. 

The ball joint allows the mirror to move freely in various directions. So drivers can adjust it for the best viewing angle. It is helpful for drivers with different heights and seating positions. 

Underneath Mirror Screw:

The underneath mirror screw is also known as the mirror base screw. It is a fastener to secure the side view mirror housing to the ball joint assembly. 

You will find it at the base or underside of the mirror housing. Also, it is threaded into the ball joint socket. It ensures a stable and secure connection between the mirror housing and the ball joint.

Side Mirror Screw:

The screw attaches the side view mirror to your car’s door or body. So, the side view screw will secure the mirror housing firmly. So, it prevents the shift from screws. It will also stop vibration while driving. 

You will typically locate the screws around the perimeter of the mirror housing. The screws are mainly made from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel. As a result, it will withstand various weather conditions. 

Side View Mirror:

The side view mirror is the primary component of the assembly. Plus, it serves as the actual reflective surface for the mirror. Therefore, it will help the driver with better visibility. The mirror ensures a clear view of the traffic so that you know the roads properly.  

It is made of:

  • In older vehicles, the side view mirror is made of glass or, 
  • In some modern cars, the mirror is made of electrochromic or heated elements. It will ensure added functionality.

Often the mirror may have frost on it. Thus, you must understand how to safely defrost the side mirrors Honda Civic. 

Reasons for a Loose Ball Joint in Side View Mirror:

The ball joint of your side view mirror can become loose for vibration, accidents, or wear and tear. As it happens, you will find that the side mirror won’t go up and down. So, you must observe the ball joint and its linked components to identify why it got lost. It will help you fix the loose side view mirror ball joint quickly. 

Wear and Tear:

Side-view mirrors are constantly exposed to weather elements. It includes:

  • Rain 
  • Dust 
  • Sunlight 
  • Temperature Fluctuations

Over time, these environmental factors impact the ball joint components. Continuous exposure to moisture, dust, and debris can cause the ball joint’s metal parts to corrode and degrade. 

Impact Damage:

Did you face any accidents, collisions, or even minor impacts recently? Well, such collisions can damage the side view mirror assembly. The ball joint will often bear the brunt of such impacts and get loose. 

At times, the mirror housing may remain visually intact after a collision. Yet, the internal components may sustain damage, leading to a loose connection. If the damage causes vibration, you must know how to fix the side mirror vibration. 


Rust and corrosion are common enemies of metal components inside the ball joint. The metal part of the ball joint is exposed to moisture, road salt, and other corrosive substances. So, it will start to rust and weaken over time. Ultimately, the ball joint becomes loose.  

Vibration and Road Conditions:

Many people often drive on uneven or rough roads. It causes constant vibrations that will gradually loosen the ball joint’s grip. 

Additionally, potholes, speed bumps, and road irregularities damage the ball joint of the side view mirror. With increased and continuous vibration, the ball joint becomes loose. 

fix loose side view mirror
how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

How to Fix a Loose Side View Mirror Ball Joint

Fixing the loose ball joint of the side view mirror is essential to ensure riding safety. Also, it’s vital to avoid traffic fines while driving. 

Step 1: Remove the Mirror Housing

You have to remove the plastic cover of the side view mirror first. Alternatively, you can trim around the side view mirror to access the mounting screws and the ball joint connection.

  • Clips or screws will mostly hold the cover.
  • Use a flat-headed screwdriver to pry the cover off gently. 
  • After removing the cover, you’ll see the side mirror screws and the ball joint assembly. 
  • You must loosen and remove these screws with the appropriate screwdriver. Also, don’t drop them inside the door panel.
  • Now, gently detach the mirror housing from the car’s body. Also, be careful not to damage any electrical wiring or connectors.

Step 2: Inspect the Ball Joint

Check the ball joint and its components after removing the mirror housing. You should look for any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Also, pay attention to the ball joint’s cracks, bends, or loose parts. Finally, you should check the condition of the socket or cup and the stud.

Additionally, inspect the screws and bolts connecting the ball joint, mirror housing, and the car’s body. Ensure they are tight and secure. If you find any damaged or excessively worn parts, consider replacing them to ensure a strong and stable connection.

Step 3: Tighten or Replace Ball Joint Components

What did you see after you inspected the ball joint and its screws? Are they still in good condition but have become loose? If so, use a wrench or screwdriver to tighten them securely. However, don’t overtighten the screws, or it can damage the threads.

However, the ball joint might be too damaged to be fixed. At such moments, you must replace the affected parts. You may need to purchase a new ball joint assembly or specific components. It will depend on the damage level of the ball joint parts. 

Step 4: Ensure proper lubrication

The ball joint becomes loose due to excessive friction between the screw and the bolt. You can stop the friction with proper lubrication of the ball joint. 

Hence, you must apply a suitable lubricant from automotive experts. The correct lubrication will reduce friction and maintain the ball joint’s integrity over time. So, it will be tight for a while. 

Step 5: Reassemble the Mirror Housing

Carefully reassemble the side view mirror housing once you have tightened and fixed the ball joint. You should also snap the plastic cover into place with a snug and secure fitting. 

Finally, you should test the side view mirror’s movement and stability. For this, try adjusting it to different positions. If you have tightened the loose ball joint, the mirror won’t vibrate and remain steady. 

Sometimes, the mirror may get discolored. If you know how to paint a side mirror, you can maintain its color and look. 

Tips to Maintain Side View Mirrors:

You must ensure that your side view mirror remains steady and provides a clear view. Or else it runs the risk of impaired visibility. 

  • Clean the side view mirrors regularly to remove dirt, debris, and water spots that may hinder visibility.
  • You should avoid applying excessive force while adjusting the side view mirror. It is crucial to prevent damage to the ball joint.
  • When parking on the street or in crowded areas, fold in the side view mirrors. It will protect them from potential impacts.
  • Did you notice excessive vibrations in the side view mirror while driving? If so, inspect and address the issue promptly.
  • Whenever possible, park the vehicle in a garage or covered area. It will protect the side view mirrors from harsh weather conditions.


A loose side-view mirror ball joint is the last thing you want on the road. It will impede your visibility only to increase the risk of your injuries. Thus, you must understand the reasons for a loose ball joint. 

You can improve the issue by following our guidelines for fixing loose side-view mirror ball joints. The ley is to inspect and address any issues promptly to ensure the longevity and performance of the side view mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Can you drive with a loose side-view mirror ball joint? 

Although you can drive with a loose side-view mirror ball joint, it is not recommended. It will often compromise the mirror’s stability. So, it may lead to further damage and cause a costlier replacement of the components. 

2.How often should you lubricate the ball joint?

You should lubricate the ball joint every six months. Or you can follow the user manual for lubricating the frequency to ensure smooth movement.

3.Should you replace the entire side view mirror if the ball joint is loose?

It is not necessary. If the mirror housing and glass are intact, you can replace the different components of the ball joint. It will save you from costlier ball joint replacement. 

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