“Fog Light Symbol: The Indicator of Fog Light Uses”

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Imagine driving on a foggy evening and can hardly see the road because visibility is low condition.

When it’s happening, your car fog lights become a trustful companion in front of you, cutting off the fog and making driving safer.

But what about the small icon on your dashboard encircled by a wavy line? 

It is time to understand the fog light symbol and find out how to improve visibility while driving.

What is Fog light?

Before knowing about the fog light symbol, we need to know what fog light is. A fog light is an auxiliary light for a car that is designed for safety issues.

It helps drivers’ vision better in bad weather where visibility is low and lets others see you on the road. 

Proper use of fog lights makes you and others safe and doesn’t cause any legal issues, but abuse makes the situation difficult. We should always be careful to use fog lights.

What is the fog light symbol?

Fog light symbol is usually a small icon resembling a lamp or light. There are usually wavy lines in front of it to represent fog or mist. It’s a warning light on the dashboard of a car that lets the driver know that the fog lights are on.

There is a universal symbol for front fog lights and rear fog lights in every vehicle. You can find the fog lights symbol very easily on your dashboard.

Generally, they are on the left side of your steering wheel. They represent worst weather conditions, such as fog, mist, and snow-like worst weather conditions.

Fog lights symbol help drivers find the switch easily under challenging situations. Therefore, drivers can quickly find the fog light button and turn it on and off when necessary.

Fog Light Switch


What Is Front Fog Light Symbol? 

The front fog light symbol is a lamp or lightbulb icon of a half-oval shape pointing to the left with a wavy vertical line. The symbol is usually found on the dashboard or control panel to indicate that the front fog lights are turned on.

Front fog light symbol

What Is Rear Fog Light Symbol? 

The rear fog light symbol is backward of the front fog light; the lamp is pointing to the right. When this symbol is illuminated on the vehicle’s dashboard or control panel, it indicates that the rear fog lights are turned on.

Rear fog light symbol

Where are the fog lights on a car?

Fog lights are in 2 types: front fog light and rear fog light.

Front fog lights are mounted below the standard headlights. They are low in position in front of a car to illuminate the road directly.

Most cars come with front fog lights as standard equipment. This is especially true in places where fog is widespread. FOG lights on the front of the vehicle are there to help the driver see better in clear or thick fog. They can be on the trunk or close to the headlights.

On the other hand, rear fog lights might not come as standard equipment, but they might be. Some cars come with rear fog lights as standard, while others let you add them as an extra. A big part of what the rear fog lights do is help drivers behind the car see better when the weather is terrible.

Should the car have front or rear fog lights? It may depend on the model and make, as well as the trim level and any extras the buyer picks. You can check the car’s specifications or the owner’s manual to see if it has front, rear, or both front and rear fog lights.

When should you use your fog lights? 

Fog light should only be used in bad weather conditions like fog, mist, snow, and heavy rain.

In some states, when visibility is low below 100 meters (328 feet), fog lights are mandatory to use at that time. It’s illegal not to use fog lights in that situation.

If any accident or the worst situation comes, you will be punished or fined by law for not turning them on.

So, always use your fog lights when they’re needed and use them carefully.

How do I turn my fog lights on?

Depending on your car model and make process, there are many ways to turn on your fog lights.

On your car dashboard, you will find a separate button or a function to turn on your fog lights. Usually, they are on the left side of your steering wheel.

When you turn on your fog light, it turns on as a rear fog light, and then you can turn it into a front fog light if needed. 

In some cars, there are no separate buttons for fog lights. In that case, lights first turn in regular headlights. To activate fog lights, drivers need to pull and push the button.

When should I turn my fog lights off?

If fog lights need to be turned on, lower visibility conditions. So, it needs to turn off when visibility is improved.

In simple language, turn off your fog lights when you see better. Fog lights are used in bad weather like fog, mist, snow, heavy rain, etc.

When weather conditions are better, it requires turning off those lights to avoid an unexpected situation.

Using Fog lights in average weather conditions when you see clearly may be annoying for other drivers and sometimes causes accidents. 

I suggested being careful while using fog lights.

Fog Light Switch

Do all cars have fog lights?

No, not every car has fog lights. A car fog light is an extra light added to avoid unusual situations like fog, snow, mist, etc.

Nowadays, many model cars that generally don’t come with fog lights arrive on the market, especially those with higher trim levels and specific packages. 

There should be fog lights in your car. They are usually placed on the lower bumper of the front headlights and can be turned on separately from the headlights.

If there are no fog lights in your car, your car headlights help you see better and overcome any unusual situation. There are high chances of having fog lights in your vehicle if you try to learn how to use them properly.

What happens when fog lights are misused?

When fog lights are misused, some common causes happen too quickly. They are given below:

  1. Blinding drivers: When there isn’t any fog, rain, or snow if you use fog lights that time, it might be too bright for drivers who come on the other side. For this reason, it may cause others to be even briefly blind and less focused, which increases the chance of road accidents.
  1. Visibility reduced: If it’s not cloudy outside, fog lights might make things less clear. It can be hard to see the road ahead of you, and the intense glare from the fog lights could make it impossible to see. This could be dangerous for you and other cars on the road.
  1. Wasting energy: Fog lights use more electricity. Turn them off if you don’t need them because they can waste gas and drain your car’s battery faster.
  1. Legality: If you use fog when it’s unnecessary, you get yourself in trouble by law. You may fined and punished by law for this reason.

Lastly, it is essential to use fog lights when necessary. If you don’t need it, turn it off to avoid the situation, as mentioned earlier.

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, we can say that understanding and using the fog light symbol correctly can enhance visibility in severe weather conditions like fog, snow, mist, heavy rain, etc., by following the guidelines mentioned here and using fog lights only when needed, drivers can make their journey safer and comfortable for themselves and others. Stay safe on the road by using fog lights responsibly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q: What does the fog light symbol on my car dashboard mean?

The fog light means your car has fog lights. The purpose of fog lights is to make it easier to see in bad weather.

Q: When should I use the fog lights in my car?

Use the fog lights when driving in bad weather conditions, such as fog, snow, or heavy rain. Turn fog lights off when visibility improves to avoid any unexpected situation.

Q: What does the fog light symbol on my car dashboard look like?

A: The fog light symbol usually looks like an oval shape with wavy lines in front of it. It means your car has fog lights that help you see better in challenging weather.

Q: Do I need to use the fog lights all the time?

A: No, you shouldn’t use fog lights all the time. You can use them in bad weather, like foggy, hot, or snowing. If you can see clearly, turn them off to avoid unusual situations. Find out when to use your fog lights in your cars.

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