Are Blue Fog Lights Legal in California? Everything You Need to Know

"Are the blue fog lights legal in California? with a blurred background of a car with blue fog lights."
are blue fog lights legal in California

Fog lights and headlight colors play a crucial role in ensuring the visibility and safety of the vehicle on roads. Also, many people are concerned about how the fog lights’ distinctive color changes the overall look of their vehicle’s aesthetics. Many people are curious about mounting blue fog lights in their cars in California.

But are blue fog lights legal in California? Can you use a blue flog light or headlight in your vehicle in California? Also, what are the Californian laws regarding your vehicle’s headlight and fog light for road safety?

Blue lights aren’t legal in California, and only government-permitted authorities may use blue headlights on special occasions. So, you must refrain from using blue fog lights in your vehicle as it might misinterpret your car as one of the emergency services.

Are Blue Fog Lights Legal in California?

In California, blue fog lights are not legal for use on vehicles. The California Vehicle Code (CVC) explicitly specifies the acceptable colors for fog lights, and blue is not among them. Section 24400 of the CVC clearly states that only white or yellow fog lights in your vehicles can be used. Blue light is only permissible for emergency services such as fire brigades and other state organizations.

However, even those state and federal organizations will require special permission to use blue fog lights. So, you must refrain from using blue fog lights in your vehicle. Or else you may be fined heavily for violating Section 24400 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC).

No doubt, blue fog lights may appear stylish or unique. So, they look aesthetically pleasing and give your vehicle a nice and sporty look. Nonetheless, they pose several disadvantages and potential safety risks.

Disadvantages of Blue Fog Lights:

You may wonder why the Californian government has banned blue fog lights for vehicles. Well, it might misinterpret your car as an emergency one. Also, blue fog lights create a distraction on roads for drivers that increases the chance of collisions and accidents.

Misinterpretation of Emergency Vehicles:

Blue color for vehicle lights is commonly associated with emergency vehicles. It includes services such as police cars, ambulances, or fire trucks.

So, using blue fog lights on non-emergency vehicles may confuse. Moreover, it may lead other drivers to yield inappropriately, potentially hindering the progress of emergency vehicles. At worst, people will need clarification on general and emergency service vehicles. So, the authority has banned blue fog lights for general vehicles to avoid such confusion.

Distracting Other Drivers:

Are fog lights legal in California? Although you can use fog lights, they can’t be blue. Blue fog lights can be distracting to oncoming traffic, especially at night. Blue fog lights have an intense blue spectrum. As a result, it may cause discomfort or even temporary vision impairment for other drivers, posing a safety hazard on the road.

Accidents and collisions will also increase as drivers get distracted by the blue fog light. So, no doubt why the CVC hasn’t permitted the use of blue fog lights for vehicles.

Impaired Visibility in Foggy Conditions:

Blue light considers a shorter wavelength compared to other colors. Therefore, blue fog light will scatter more easily in fog or mist. The scattering effect can significantly reduce visibility.

Hence, the rendering of blue fog lights is less effective than those emitting colors like yellow or white, which have longer wavelengths. And with shorter visibility, driving through dense fog will be a hellish experience you would never like to taste.

Violation of Vehicle Code:

Using blue fog lights on public roads in California is a direct violation of the CVC. Law enforcement officers have the authority to issue citations to drivers found in violation. Therefore, it may result in fines and potentially even vehicle impoundment.

Moreover, the fine for violating CVC in California is extremely high. So, you would never want to install blue fog lights and pay a heavy fine only to cut your bank account. Instead, you should use white or yellow fog lights since they have better visibility and appearance.

Increased Risk of Accidents:

The use of blue fog lights can increase the risk of accidents. First, they can confuse other drivers. Next, it will hinder proper perception of the road and contribute to driver distraction. On top of it, blue lights with limited visibility will cause too much stress for your eyes.

Unfortunately, all these pose a danger to the driver with the blue fog lights and other road users. It will, ultimately, increase accidents which aren’t something to cherish for anyone.

"Are the blue fog lights legal in California? with a blurred background of a car with blue fog lights."

Are Blue Headlights Legal in California?

Similar to blue fog lights, blue headlights are also illegal in California. The CVC specifies the acceptable colors for headlights only include white and amber. Also, these lights should be powerful enough to illuminate at least 1000 feet in front of the car. It is crucial to ensure maximum visibility at night for your safety and others.

The primary purpose of headlights is to illuminate the road ahead. On the other hand, blue lights can impair visibility due to their shorter wavelength. Henceforth, CVC Section 24400 hasn’t permitted using blue headlights either.

What Color Fog Light and Headlight is Legal in California?

Are yellow fog lights legal in California? What color fog lights can you use? These questions might pop up in your mind.

According to the Californian Vehicle Light Law, fog lights are required to emit yellow or white light. These colors have longer wavelengths, making them less susceptible to scattering in foggy conditions and providing better visibility.

Similarly, headlights in California must emit white or amber light. Nonetheless, even the amber-colored headlight is typically reserved for specific situations, such as construction vehicles. As it shows, only white color is acceptable for general vehicles for the headlight.

Californian Vehicle Light Law

The California Vehicle Light Law, as outlined in the California Vehicle Code (CVC), provides specific regulations regarding vehicle lighting. It includes sub-sections like “Are fog lights legal?”

Before installing any fog light or headlight for your vehicle, you must thoroughly know the CVC Section 24400. It will help you avoid violating the traffic rules.

Fog Lights:

  • Fog lights must emit either yellow or white light. So, ensure your vehicle’s fog lights adhere to this color restriction.
  • Fog lights should only be used during adverse weather conditions, such as fog, rain, snow, or dust storms, or when atmospheric conditions reduce visibility to less than 1,000 feet.
  • Fog lights must be mounted on the front of the vehicle at a height no lower than 22 inches and no higher than 54 inches above the ground.
  • Fog lights should be adjusted and aimed to illuminate the road without causing glare to oncoming drivers or impairing their vision.
  • Blue fog lights are not permitted under the California Vehicle Light Law.


  • Headlights must emit white or amber light. Also, white is typically available for general vehicles, while amber is for construction vehicles.
  • Headlights must be used during nighttime or when visibility is reduced to 1,000 feet or less.
  • High-beam headlights must be dimmed to low-beam when approaching oncoming vehicles within 500 feet or following another vehicle within 300 feet.
  • Headlights should be adjusted appropriately and aimed to illuminate the road ahead without causing excessive glare to other drivers.
  • Blue headlights are not allowed under the California Vehicle Light Law.

As a vehicle owner and driver, you must familiarize yourself with these regulations. It will ensure compliance and promote road safety. California Vehicle Light Law violations may result in citations, fines, and potential consequences such as vehicle impoundment. You can avoid such conditions with an in-depth knowledge of the abovementioned rules.


Blue fog lights aren’t permitted in Section 24400 CVC in California. So, for fog lights and headlight color, it is crucial to adhere to the regulations of the CVC.

You saw that blue fog lights are not legal in the state due to various safety concerns and potential hazards they pose. Yellow or white fog lights and white or amber headlights are the acceptable colors in California. These colors ensure optimal visibility for drivers while maintaining road safety standards. So, you should follow these regulations to contribute to a safer and more harmonious road environment for Californian citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are purple fog lights illegal in California?

A: Yes, purple fog lights are considered illegal in California. The state’s vehicle code requires fog lights to be either white or amber.

Q: What car colors are illegal in California?

A: California does not have specific laws regarding car colors. However, it is vital to ensure that the chosen color does not violate any reflectivity, visibility, or safety regulations.

Q: Can you have colored lights on your car in California?

A: Yes, you can have colored lights on your car in California, but there are restrictions. Colored lights are generally allowed for specific purposes, such as emergency or authorized vehicles. However, it is critical to comply with the particular regulations outlined in the California Vehicle Code to avoid legal issues.

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